Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Update

I'm not getting nearly enough sleep as I need, and (sadly) that's not because of the excitement I still feel regarding this project. But that's a boring story about life at sea... Maybe not really that boring since you hear stuff like "Is the ship upright? Check the screwdriver!", but still: 1 funny moment doesn't provide the thrill of visiting this page and seeing one more person sharing a post or reading a new comment.

I mentioned the serious sleep deprivation as to explain why things aren't moving as fast as I'd like. Even so, I sacrificed some extra minutes and now I'm pretty much upgraded to the teeth with accounts on advertising websites, like Reddit and Digg, in addition to those mentioned before. Never been a bookmark person, but now I was forced to add them to my browser bar to make sure I don't forget.

Also I figured out a way to bring you wonderful people those character background stories; Since Blogspot refuses to supply me with different blog pages  / tabs / menu, I'm going to bypass this inconvenience and add a link list towards said character stories, which I will post in the following days. Since we're still negotiating for the official website, you will find them at (still under construction) and the first one is called "The Lion". I'm going to let you guess who the center character in this story is!

Last, but definitely not least, I am honored and delighted to say that an old blogging acquaintance, a very smart and kind person and (not really an attribute but still very cool) the better half of one of my favorite journalists, Mrs. Mariana Ciutacu a.k.a. Mana, has agreed to promote Crux on her own blog! If you're Romanian, you surely must check out her page - it's in the blogroll!

That being said, I have to run. I'm so late for my watch! Later!

1 comment:

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