Thursday, May 31, 2012

From sunrise to... bed

Good morning, guys!

It's almost 6 AM and I am dead tired, but as I've learned over the years, there's nothing like sleep deprivation to make one believe that the ideas in his head are pure genius. Or, as a crazy vampire once put it, ""Personally, I think prolonged periods of sleep deprivation along with gallons of caffeine gives you a buzz like you wouldn't believe, and later you remember everything, but not exactly why you did those things to that cat or why it was so damn funny." But seriously, don't do things to the cat just to test the theory!

...What was I saying? Ah, yes. Ideas. This one didn't just appear through a magical epiphany, but it's more of an upgrade to what my clever and lovely agent has asked me to do a few weeks back. Naturally, I postponed it until I actually forgot about it, so thank Shakespeare's ghost for inspiration! Or just be grateful for instant coffee.

Deea has asked me then to write 2-3 short stories, preferably involving, revolving or evolving around some characters from Crux. The point was to launch them as teasers for the general public, hoping we would get the online community to talk about my upcoming masterpiece. Fate has it that I managed to remember this about an hour ago and I decided to improve it; I won't post 2 or 3 stories but enough to cover all the main characters, that are quite a few, I might add! So, as soon as we find a way to add some tabs or menus to Deea's blog, I will add said stories, written in a manner that will allow you to get to know them better and connect! 

I know many of you don't really know what Crux is all about, while a handful have already read more than what is posted here. And I think this will be a real treat to both groups, as some will get intimate with the heroes and others will just enjoy the details they were hoping for. Now don't be disappointed if you haven't had the chance to read more than others - I assure you nobody will savor the full flavor of this novel until it'll end up where it belongs: on your shelf!

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  1. Your agent has an even better idea, but she'll tell you all about it in the next marketing session :)

    Happy writing!