Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Goin' Gansta

Walking out in the brightest Caribbean sun after 2 hours of sleep and a 04:00-09:00 shift is pure torture. So I asked my colleague to buy a pair of sunglasses for me yesterday, when he went in town. He came back with these bad boys:

After a few minutes I realized these are no ordinary shades; apparently, I'm too much of a notorious gangsta that not even my good boy looks can hide it. Check out the frame!

I admit it! I'm a hood villain! And since it's useless to hide it any longer, I will share some street poetry I wrote to celebrate the occasion - Yo! Gimmie a beat, bro'! This is fo' my homeboy Columbus - the original sea-rollin' playa!

I'm like a bad ass "capitan", son,
When I sail the ship way down
Past the Ecuator -
And I'm gone!
- Like a ninja navigator!

Smash the waves as I ride,
Bust a rhyme with the tide!
"Marineros" can't be me -
GPS is my guide!
- Maritime gangsta, I'm the thug of the sea!

I go east, west, south side and north!
Them bitches go crazy when I roll into port.
Reco'nize - playa's got what you need!
Come aboard!
All clear! Full ahead! And light that seaweed! Yo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back to business


Hi, guys!

It's been a really long time since I last posted here, but a lot of things have happened in the meantime. CRUX came out on January 18th and it's available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and on many other websites, in e-book and paperback formats. Also, on February 9th, Deea and I organized a little event we called a "book launch", though it was more like a book presentation for the Romanian readers. We chose a pub (and not a local book store as it's usually done), and I thought it would be awesome to do  a screening of the book trailer.

Deea & I

As you might have noticed, there are other people who worked on this and whom, I am proud and happy, to call family and to have had at the book event: Oly Saldinger and Vladimir Belciug. Oly has handled the video and music editing, while Vlad is the voice of Maar in the trailer. I am also thankful and definitely owe George Calin (Deep Central) for lending his help and studio, and provided us with a professional voice recording - an awesome man! Sadly, our distant family, Andrei Marc - the book cover designer and trailer drawing artist - could not be with us, but I'll make sure he will be there for the sequel.

With Vlad (center) & Oly (right)

Last but not least, I want to thank WheelMan Press for turning this project into reality and for their constant support and good advice. Currently, the guys at WheelMan are working on formatting the first CRUX intro story and adding it to the retailers pages. This first episode is called Magic & Madness and it is part of the trilogy that I hope will ease the reader's way into the novel; the stories will be available for FREE and, while the first one will soon be up on the internet, I am half-way through the second and really pleased with the outcome.

At the moment, I am back on my "day job", on the same ship in the same ports of the Caribbean, but taking care of other tasks than last time. I hope I can balance my writing and my duties, and finish HELLBENT before I come back home. Sadly, I realize now that I should have worked more when I was there, but... no point crying over it now. Will try to keep you up to date on the progress and hope this little presentation convinced you to give CRUX a try. It's only 2$ for the e-book version and, if you consider the opinions on Goodreads (and not just take my word on it), it's definitely worth reading!

That's it for me, for now. Oh! Almost forgot: if you're curious about what else I can write, there's a feature of me on Catherine Garnell's blog. I should start working on the rest of that story, shouldn't I? Alright, people! Talk to you soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, we offer our sincere apologies for the delay regarding the important news update we mentioned in our previous entry, but considering Deea and I share a lot of personal space, it is no wonder we also shared a beautiful flu or cold or whatever demonic virus we manage to attract. And being that we are nurturing people, we hung on to this evil baby for 2 weeks (I am still not ful
ly recovered), but we ARE now able to type and focus somewhat, thus... we are proudly sharing our joy and excitement:


On the 20th of October 2012, yours truly has signed the first publishing contract with our friends at WheelMan Press << >>, who promise to release the first book of The Angellove Society series at the beginning of January 2013! We are currently working on our promo campaign and, starting tomorrow, we will discuss our book trailer with the wonderful people from Raizing Hell << >> and give the coolest graphic artist alive, Cookie Thief, a harder new assignment.

So stay tuned and wish us luck! We promised quality stuff and we aim to deliver. Thank you all for the 1000+ likes and sharing our page, helping us both physically and (even more so) morally, supplying us with the necessary confidence and fortitude to get this far! (And boooooo!!! to the two people who took back their likes!)

Sincerely, joyful and optimistic,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Next Step

Great day yesterday! ...Except for the fact that my Chrome didn't let me use the Facebook chat, post or comment... But that problem's fixed ('cause I'm smart)! 

We've received 3 sketches, rapidly and professionally delivered, and we love them! I can't speak for Deea, but I must confess it's really hard choosing just one. I want them all! Especially since they are all very good and, even more so, visibly different, clearly ...unique! 

I've asked for a scene involving the two main characters, Maar and Kara, and that's what they delivered. It was a real pleasure observing how each artist imagined and captured the moment, and I've enjoyed their drawing styles greatly. Out of the three, though all annoyingly good, we both have a favorite, yet we will not hand over the teddy bear until Tuesday, as we are still waiting on two (also) very talented girls and their proposals. 

We will announce the winner then, but, as said, I hope this selection is not viewed as a competition; we assure you that we want to and we WILL work with all of these artists, on one project or another, if they won't (and I certainly hope they won't) hold anything against us. 

Also, if you haven't figured it out by now - the race for a beautiful book cover not obvious enough, we are very close to PUBLISHING. Yes, that's right! There are a few houses lined up and we are weighing the pros and cons, but can't decide anything yet. Not before I return home. But, by the end of September / beginning of October, we should make our great announcement! 

So stick with us! It's been a great and exciting journey, and it's not over yet. There have been bumps, ups and downs, but I for one have grown stronger and wiser because of it. As I quoted to a unusually panicked and pessimistic Deea yesterday, "endings are supposed to be happy; if it's not happy, it's not the end!"

Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm not done. Just really tired and busy. Plus, if Windows crashed on you 3 times in one week, you'd be reluctant about press releases too. I'll be back soon, but until then, let's mix it up - here's an old poem I wrote (2 months before Nickelback's song came out):

I’m a rockstar.
I’ve got the looks, the moves,
The clothes and the words.
I am as real as you can feel
And when I’m not… well, my dear…
You can cut that part out.
I’ve got sincere pain, though I only play insane.
It’s not my own game, but the gain…
Big bucks for Friday Rocks…
And, from time to time, a dime… in the jukebox.
Yeah… that sucks!
Girls who know how to curl,
Who know how to purr…!
…Girls with fake pearls who make me hurl.
And the publicity…
Toxicity! Addictive, subjective…
You end up sumissive! Because your sadness, your madnes,
Your flaws and booty calls,
Your money and Playboy bunny,
Your weak-spots and the fuckin’ bikini with polka dots
Are on TV. And then… you become me!
…See? I really do have the face, the pace...
The attitude and necessary altitude
To crash, bash and smash, dude!
I fancy myself better than you.
I’m not 2-in-1, I’m 2002. I don’t act, I do.
The rules I set are like laws.
All respect, protect and the ones who object…
Well, it seems only fair to declare that they lack the passion
The spark, the mark… They’re out of fashion. They’re into the dark.
Rabble… who babble.
I am a belief. I am relief.
Even in grief, brief, you’ll admit…
That I talk the talk and walk the walk. I’m a perfect fit.
I’m a god. I’m pure as a rose-bud though I bathe in mud.
I set the trend, I twist and I bend what you are, my friend…
You pay, you say “somehow, someday…”. You’re as soft as clay!
But hey, I don’t mind. I find it quite nice…
Just another vice:
…I’m the only man among spineless mice!
I’m disgusted, I’m tired! You’re fuckin’ fired!
You slave! You dreamt…?! You aspired?!
Rat! Fat asshole, devouring routine, burning gasoline,
Useless drama queen! You lack free will, you can’t feel!
What’s real is just the hate for your job where you sob about the bitchin’ of your boss called Bob.
Hate for your bills, drills and aching pills! For your wife, your kids and your rented car!
Oh, sorry… Did I go to far?
Fuck you! ...I’m a rockstar.