Saturday, June 2, 2012

A great way to start Saturday

I keep telling myself I need to post sometime some details regarding my job, but then I realize that 99% of you won't relate no matter how plastic I get. Don't take it as an insult! People who haven't spent more than a couple of hours on a fishing boat can't relate to how it feels to work and live on one that's a hundred times bigger, heavier and noisier. So I'll spare you the drama, sacrificing the striking contrast between my daily routine and receiving exciting news almost every time I get online.

Saturday started pretty darn great! For me that means beginning the day at 00:01. Still, not complaining - I'm definitely a nocturnal creature. It's quiet then so I can get some writing done without having that interfering with my job. So I kept my word and finished the first background story for Rene. I guess I should be more excited but since neither Deea nor anyone else for that matter have gotten to reading it, plus the fact that I can barely hit the right keys at the moment, I'll just remain cautiously optimistic instead of insanely excited. But there's more good news! I also built the website and added a few extra details that you might enjoy. That being said, you can find everything HERE, soon to be added to a link list (because I just can't summon enough strength to do it right now).

But this isn't the best part. At least not the reason of my joy and constant smile. A close friend whom I've met when I was still posting as Tomcat83, had agreed to honor me with a short piece about my writing skills. Her opinions mean a lot to me, not just for the fact that she's an excellent composer, a vicious music critic, an author in her own right and a brilliant human being, but because she's the type of person who will never sugarcoat it when it comes to voicing her thoughts. The fact that her words deeply flattered me is just a bonus. So if you're interested in what the very smart and talented Dana Dorian has to say about me, jump to light speed and head for Deea's blog right now!

...There's also a possibility that I forgot something else I wanted to share, but I am TOO tired to care. Stay tuned. It'll come to me.

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