Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's Sunday which means people are taking a break from... everything really. I know I certainly would be asleep until 1-2 PM and probably recover from a night of dancing and drinking, if I were home. So I'm not expecting many of you to read this until Monday morning when you're sitting at your desk and procrastinating big time... Which is actually good news!

I just finished crosschecking Crux, after Deea so excitedly announced the correcting was done. Far from me to undermine her skills, but she did rush to finish the process and I found enough omissions to know she's going to have to go over the text again. Worst of all, I noticed there's a missing chunk; I wrote the novel in more than three separate documents (which were supposed to be just three) and somehow I mixed up the two versions of Part II. It means I'll have to re-write the missing chunk because, without it, two secondary characters, that mainly interact in Part III, would just pop up out of the blue. Not a dull moment...

And there's more bad news... It seems my free server at refuses to cooperate since yesterday. I tried to add a Guest Book page for all of you loyal readers to use, but I couldn't connect; I remember (almost) clearly that I used my regular e-mail address and password when I signed up, but their log in system apparently disagrees. I even tried reseting my pass, but so far none of my e-mail addresses contain any message confirming this. I can only hope it's just a bug that will be fixed - I'm really not thrilled about the idea of re-designing another web page.

The last bastion of hope for Sunday not to be a complete and utter disappointment is Mana. We spoke earlier and she mentioned she'll try to make time today to read the synopsis Deea wrote. Maybe we're lucky and she likes it enough to advertise us on her blog...

In other news, I'm still not fully recovered after the past week's marathon, but there's a silver lining. Leaving aside the very few hours of sleep (most of them interrupted by workmates or caffeine + nicotine induced nightmares), I pretty much split my time between my job and this process. What pleases me is the fact that neither of them influenced the other and I proved to myself that I can handle both like a professional. It may not seem like a true accomplishment to you, but trust me: keeping a clear and focused mind when handling a eight thousand cubic meters of gasoline products is pretty damn important! One slip and you can end up polluting the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

As for today, I'm rewarding myself with a break. My agent better have some good news for me, otherwise Crux will have to survive without my attention for the next 20 hours or so. I think I may pull out the Terry Pratchett novel Deea lent me and give it a try. So far, Sir Pratchett didn't disappoint and, after rocketing over the first few pages when I bought Reaper Man for her, it seems like the funniest one from the Discworld series. 

I wanted to write another background story for Thomas and Lexi, but locked out of Webs and rest remaining a foreign notion, I cannot push myself to do it right now. Boredom is a writer's worse enemy. Hope you all have / are having a better Sunday. See you Monday! (unless a miracle happens)

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