Sunday, June 10, 2012

Geek 4 Life!

Happy 30th Birthday, Deea!

Given the fact that I suck at wishing people stuff on holidays and birthdays, I will refrain from any attempt - it would be doomed from the start anyway. Also, knowing how Deea prefers certainty to surprises, I will reveal my gift (even though I'd have rather had the thing in my possession first)! Normally, we just offer each other great books, because we both know those can never fail to please. Still, there's no doubt that everyone loves pretty presents and jewelry, perfume or beautiful clothing can make anyone happy. ...This is not the case! 

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and guests, I present to you: THE GIFT!

Yes, it's a real combat-ready double bladed lightsaber! Congratulations, sweetie! You're finally getting to be a 100% Sith, owning a fitting Assassin's weapon! May you have an EPIC birthday! ...'Cause starting Monday, your butt's getting back to work!

P.S. I started working on Hobbit. Intro is done so I expect to finish it in a few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. Speechless :)No, actually not speachless, but whatever I have to say about this, I'll say it in private ;)