Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Press Pause

Hi, guys.

Just want to say that Hobbit will be delayed for a few more days. I started it and I can honestly say it looks pretty badass so far, but I just can't push myself to work right now. Monday was exhausting - I managed to get 3+3 hours of sleep between my shifts, and it was really depressing on more than one level. Also, to top it all up, I woke up with a back pain (must have stood in a draft today) that turned me into a hunchback for the last 5 hours; you have no idea how relieved I feel just by lying in bed...

It sucks big time when you know exactly what you want and how to get it, but you're just not strong enough to go for it. So bare with me a while longer because I have the main plot of the story in my head and I am going to write it down. Eventually. In addition, Deea succeeded in bringing me some adjacent mini-projects regarding short fiction stories and I will be entering a couple of contests as soon as Hobbit is finished. Should be somewhat exciting, however, as they mentioned, it might be a while before I get the results. Can't hurt to try though.

Be back soon.


  1. Know just how you feel! What is it about today? Feels like I've fallen through a crack in the World and landed with a bump in a pile of ****. Tomorrow's another day, thank God. Can't wait, and best to you. Writing on --- blogging on -- I'll look out with interest for you when we both feel better.

  2. Thanks for the empathy - all the best to you too!