Friday, June 8, 2012

Dun dun duuuuunnn!

Good morning, friends! It seems we have another slow weekend ahead of us, but Deea made up for the lost time by almost killing herself with exhaustion, advertising, reaching out and doing whatever she does for the project (because I just don't want to know). 

I bashed her pretty hard this morning, not for taking a break, but for being too bloody hyperactive! If you haven't figured it out yet, this journey we both embarked on is not only about publishing a fantastic book (not flaunting, merely stating a truth); it's also about evolving, learning, honing our skills, and also have some fun with it. From my point of view, Deea's the best person to handle my P.R. campaign. She's invulnerable to pessimism, she's unflinching and she goes for the throat, no matter whose throat it is! ...She also shares another characteristic of mine: the A.D.H.D. that makes us unable to focus on one thing for a longer period of time, and we end up bored. It's because of this that I sometimes have to pick up the slack. Don't get me wrong: I enjoy working side by side with her very much! But while I keep interfering, cleaning up or just adjusting the finer details, she doesn't learn. So, from this point on, if you see something that doesn't seem right or thought through, let us know! While I'll try to keep my nose out of my agent's activities, I would appreciate your input very much.

We had a hell of a time with our Facebook page and it felt like the old IRC days (for those of you who might remember them), when we spammed the main channels like fanatics with all sorts of crazy ads about some new chat room. So much so that I've received a messaged from the admins telling me to stop. Or else. Still, we received 65 Likes in 24 hours and we are very happy about it! It would be truly great if we could keep the rate constant, though I am aware there is a certain cap and people are lazy or just suspicious about such a (seemingly) minor project. I just want you all to know how thankful we are for your continuous support and be assured that this will be mentioned in Crux after it's published!

What else did I do...? Ah, yes. Except advertising on all the English publisher pages I could find, I tried to contact the Romanian ones as well. Surprise, surprise! As it goes, our local publishers do NOT own pages, but regular user profiles that don't even allow posting. For a moment, I felt frustrated: 14/15 English pages let me advertise The Angellove Society, while 14/15 Romanian profiles made me turn tail and go home. But then I amused myself by realizing that our F.B. page makes the local publishers look like a Mini next to a Ferrari! 

I also e-mailed Total Biscuit, whose shows I've followed for years! He's one of the most annoyingly smart and funny people I had the luck to stumble upon, and he's the one responsible for my discovery and growing admiration of Sir Terry Pratchett. But as I know T.B., he's probably very busy with his many projects (or too cynical to mind me). So I pushed it even further and messaged one of the owners of his Facebook page who, as it turns out, he's -ta daaa!- Romanian! Hopefully my explanations had been interesting enough for either of them to call back. Fingers crossed!

And now for the fun part! Yes, I will explain the picture above. "Hobbit With A Shotgun" is the title I chose some weeks back for a short story meant to introduce a future Angellove Society novel (possibly Book 3). It has nothing to do with the terrible subject of the film "Hobo With A Shotgun" which is a horrible waste of money and time; I do not endorse gratuitous violence nor scenarios written by untalented people, and that movie is the pinnacle of both concepts. This story however is funny and explosive and, I hope, a typical Steampunk fantasy! It's still 'under construction', so I ask you to be patient for a few more days until I manage to sort out the newly developed matters here, on my ship. It appears that we must sail for Tampa, Florida, very soon, and considering I am the one responsible with planning the trip (a process that is quite complicated), these matters will require my full attention.

I will however check in with you guys as often as possible and, seeing how my poor agent is forced to teach a class about teaching methods (yes, you read it correctly!) on her birthday, messing up her entire weekend, I'll try to update you on whatever news we receive or new tasks we might get involved with. But it's summer so most of you will most likely run outside to enjoy the sun and lovely weather, so no biggie, eh?

Be back soon! Have an awesome weekend!

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