Monday, May 28, 2012

The First No

I got a reply back today, after mailing a few famous local people about reading my book. My choices may seem random, but in truth, they all have one thing in common, aside being some of the people I admire; Cabral Ibacka, Mihai Bendeac and the Creative Monkeyz team are all well aware of todays trend (let's say) geek-wise.

Cabral answered me almost instantly and, even though he said no, I am quite happy I got a reply back. With today's often seen facade of celebrities, appearing to be close to the audience and willing to speak (and understand, more importantly!) to the fans, his response gives me hope that I can at least reach out to them. And maybe, at some point, someone would say "yes!".

Still waiting on the others. Hopefully, I'll get some answers by tonight. I'll keep you guys posted! Fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed even when I sleep !! :))
    You definitely deserve to get it published !
    I'm sure "at some point, someone would say "yes!". ".
    Just be patient :)


  2. Hopefully sooner than later. :)

  3. None of the previous answers cannot predict the next one, so ... :-) ignore the 'no's and focus on the "yes" that is sure to follow.

  4. Oh, it better follow! Or I'll start a bloody revolution! I mean, garbage like Twilight can become a best seller and my brilliant novel can't? I will rain terror with C4 and Shakespeare!