Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reaching Out

Yesterday, as in until 20 minutes ago, was a total maelstrom. Deea and I rushed to write a synopsis of sorts about Crux. It was supposed to be a 1-2 page text, meant to explain what the book's about. I couldn't do better than FOUR pages so I had to pass the task to my eager agent who managed... THREE. Yes, we had a laugh about it. Hopefully, the man who's going to read it won't think we're complete idiots...

In other news, the P.R. campaign is still going strong. I'm waiting for some content for Deea's blog, negotiations are underway for a pro website and the novel is 1/4 corrected and revised. I'm told that it will look nice and shiny by Friday. It better!

I'm still biting my nails, waiting for a reply from Felicia Day. No answer from the Creative Monkeyz or Mr. Bendeac, but as you can see, neither Deea or I have the time to worry too much about it. We have Determination in our corner and our spirits are soaring most of the time. So much so that I summoned all my courage and wrote a short message to Mr. Ryan Sohmer whose work for L.F.G. Comics I've admired and loved for years!

I take this opportunity to leak a spoiler:

When Crux is going to leave the printing press, it will be with the highest blessings of a talented graphic artist, whom will sign and design the covers and the drawings inserted between the novel's sub-chapters. If the L.F.G. team will be the one honoring me and the book with their awesome artwork, it remains to be seen. As a long time fan of comics, and theirs in particular, nothing would make me happier than having them say YES!

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