Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today my mom came to me and said I should remove the offensive "comment" I put on the internet about that famous fight we had some weeks back. Of course, I denied the existence of any offensive comment, as I don't consider I've done anything bad. Or, to be honest, posted anything worse than whatever I've been told, time and again, by said family members. Fact is, if I should actually write about all the humiliating words thrown at me, all the insults with which I've been jabbed, and the whole condescending, arrogant, slave-driver behavior I've been treated with throughout my teenage period, THEN my next of kin should be entitled to worry. 

You probably wonder how my mother actually got the news about my posting. Well, I didn't even had to ponder, not just because she gave me the answer, but because I already know who's always blabbing about my life, shining down a bad light on my actions. I won't name that person, but I know he's reading my stuff and reporting back to certain people who then have reason to piss all over my parade. Yes, I know, and he's been doing this shit for years, for whatever reasons I won't mention. He should know by now that I'm a pretty smart fucker, if not streetwise like himself, and I have the means to fucking bury his ass if he keeps up with this crap. I am willing, however, to consider the possibility of him being a gossipy bitch who can't refrain from spraying dirt all over. So, for now, I'll cut him some slack, hoping he will be so kind as to remove me from his list of subjects to talk about, before I run his ass over with my car.

It's ironic. And very much so, considering this whole blog was meant to firstly promote a book project about the jerk stereotype who pokes in other people's business. It's sad 'cause the people who should be closest to you, supporting you, especially during rough patches, actually try to harm you or bring you down. In all honesty, I've got used to this, so I'm not surprised by this kind of betrayal. That doesn't mean, however, that I will accept this forever. You want me to change? To be normal? Guess what! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! So either shape up, accept this, or get the fuck out of my life! 

P.S. I really wanted to apologize for the rude terms used in Level Cap. I'm sorry that I've been so radical and barbaric in expressing myself. So I'll take the upper ground and say I regret said words. Hopefully, this public apology will mend a little the situation.


  1. I'm sorry...
    I did a stupid stunt like this a few years ago, writting in a mail some shit about my mom, she found out by herself and never forgave me ever since... i hope it works out for you a little better.

    so, again, I am sorry, you deserve more...

  2. I have only coffee at the moment :)

    and I make only two types of cheesecake, chocolate and orange.

    so it's a limited offer I'm affraid :(

  3. I think I know who you're talking about... But really... why?

  4. That, my dear, is called "The Asshole Factor".