Thursday, July 14, 2011

Level Cap

I had a most horrible day today, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it finally came to the point of no return, when I had to state out loud "I AM A FUCKING ADULT! SHOW ME SOME RESPECT, YOU ASSHOLES!"... to my family. Of course, writing this bloody thing here would be perceived as yet another mistake, as all the stupid crappy things in my life, but... piss off, I don't care, I have the RIGHT to do as I please!

It all started with the fact that I spend an enormous amount of time in front of this demonic machine and that I smoke around... 30 cigarettes / day, and this for the past 3-4 weeks. In all fairness, I completely agreed! And still do! Yes, I do love these excesses and I will never deny they aren't healthy! BUT!...

Part two of this wonderful little folk tale involves the fact that, since day one of my World of Warcraft / cigarette marathon, I've been hearing three times a day "You're smoking too much! You're spending too much time with that game!". NO SHIT! 

Now... From the people who do know me and can truly answer this question, I am asking to post an answer to the following questions: 

Am I a fucking retard who completely misses the point of a discussion and, as a smoker, for the past 11 years, is so bloody imbecilic as to not notice all the "SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!" warnings? 
Am I so outlandish to believe that spending so much time in front of the PC is NOT bad for me?
Am I such an ASSHOLE and a RUDE person, and treat my mother and my family like shit?

...I don't actually need the answers, because I know. I've tried everything in my power to make these MORONS! understand that I know all of these dangers, that I appreciate their interest and good intentions, that I respect them and their decisions, but they need to treat me as an adult, and they too have to respect my wishes. Two words:


And such, with all the love and heartache involved in this useless, pointless, inane, childish, in this ego warfare, I swear that I will, to my best ability, try to move the hell out of the house. It is logical that after a certain age, children and parents cannot coexist; I've tried to make it work, though aware of this truth, but it is simply impossible. Thus, with all regrets to my esteemed uncle and my loving mother, who completely MISSED the goddamn point, I QUIT! 

My friends, who I hope still care for me enough to give a damn about this, should be happy to learn that I am planning to move to Bucharest. Yes, you will finally get me there, to completely abuse and take advantage of. ...And also be on the other side of the phone when you're in a "booty call"-ish mood. Yeah, I said it, you horny sluts! You know you want me. ;)

With that said... Sorry for washing my dirty jockstrap in public, but I just had to vent. I've been arguing with ROCKS for half a day and... just thought maybe some of you would and could relate. Love y'all! Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for supporting my utopian dreams! Peace.