Monday, September 26, 2011

Interlude to Crux

Reality. Killer of dreams, mother of nightmares. A cruel bitch, juggling destinies, smashing lives with its’ bluntness. Lexi took it all in, along with the cool salty air of the Channel and sipped from her giant porcelain cup of coffee. She looked back at the three silhouettes chatting in the rear of the yacht and sighed silently. There was no way to change his mind now. Nor was there any such fantasy regarding Thomas; his reality was a mixture of dreams and nightmares, and she knew that better than anyone. Ever since that night, when he charmed his way into her life in impossibly inadequate and morbid circumstances, Lexi had never been the same. In a way, he took away her childish view on life and turned it into a microscope under which that cruel bitch revealed more than every day horrors. It revealed the unseen viruses of beyond, the flesh eating bacteria of a dark and hidden world.

“There’s no talking to you!” Thomas exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in desperation. “This is a chance in… a hundred lifetimes! Don’t be a fool, Andrew!”
“For the last time, Gates, you stubborn mule!” replied the mage with his melodious English accent. “I am not about to perform that ritual just so you can have your way! I’m reluctant enough to follow you in this personal war against demons as it is. Bloody hell…”

Thomas narrowed his orange eyes, frowning at his friend. He was about to reply but Lexi cut him off, embracing him from behind and resting her chin over his shoulder.

“You know you’re going to do it anyway, Drew…” she whispered. “That’s why I don’t bother anymore trying to explain to my husband how suicidal he gets sometimes.”

She paused and kissed his cheek, then shrugged slightly: “He is right though. If what he says is true, then it’s a chance we can’t miss.”

“We? What do you mean ‘we’, baby? If we are going to Corsica (and we are), you’re not joining in on this.” Thomas quickly replied.
“Honey, I love you and I will always do as you ask. Out of respect and knowing that you are a brilliant man. But if you think for a second that I will just stand by and watch you die on purpose, ritual or not, even with the best mage in the world supervising the whole shindig, you must have surely and completely lost your mind. WE are going.”
“Sometimes” the mage whispered exhausted “I don’t know which of you I hate more. But I guess a marriage based on insanity is as valid as any other… Victoria, set course for Marseille!” he addressed the fourth party member.
“Set course yourself, you tight butt crumpet sucker!” replied the petite green haired vampire.

Andrew Grey sighed and marched to the upper deck: “This just isn’t my night…”

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  1. Finally started reading..and of course, laughing!
    Women are crazy and they pick on man anytime they can! But they call this love!:)) "I guess a marriage based on insanity is as valid as any other"...I already like The Mage!
    Let's see the rest!