Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Deea likes Akaba

This is one of the last fragments added to the final version of Crux, before being PDF-ed and ready for a review. As I'm sure Deea hasn't yet read this part of the new and improved manuscript, this one's for her as much as it is dedicated to my growing fan base. If I was to give it a title, that would be When Kara Met Akaba. Enjoy!

(Akaba - alternative version)

“Fire,” Daeva ordered with a veiled grin behind Benjamin’s mask. A series of deadly bolts swept the air and crashed onto the white walls and far beyond it. The catapults and ballistae may have seen less effective than an actual cannon, but their projectiles were in fact charged with negative energy generated by the advanced artillery systems; not only did they do smash damage, but they also created a deadly kill zone around the spot where they hit, electrocuting anyone nearby.

“This isn’t right!” the girl said. “If they breach the city before we manage to sneak inside, it’s all over…”
“What do you want me to do about it?” Akaba replied, raising an eyebrow.
“You’re supposed to be an expert on all things… war. Right? Think of something!”

The Infernal grinned and his molten honey eyes scanned the mass of troops focused on firing.

“Well… There is one thing.”
“Without killing them!” Kara added and slapped his shoulder, hurting her own hand.

He grumbled and frowned at her for a moment. Then, for some reason, he just looked amused. He shrugged, took her in his arms and paused for a moment, while planning his route:

“For some reason, I like you,” he said surprising her. “I’ll get you to where you’re going. Besides, there are a few angels there I want to meet.”
“No killing?” she asked full of hope, widening her brown eyes at him.
“No, no killing,” he agreed. “Now hang on tight!”

While Kara buried her face in his chest, holding on to his neck, the Infernal dashed out of hiding and roared like a madman as he charged the first Meka catapult he encountered. The entire moment was so unexpected that the three gray creatures just paralyzed there, staring dumbly at the hulk of rage who rushed in like a tank. He leapt on the ridiculously big spiked sphere they used as ammunition and stared down the mechanized soldier in charge of firing the device.

“You! Raise your aim twenty degrees and fire!” he bellowed at the small Meka.
“Umm… Sure, if you want to die, who am I to convince you not to?” the soldier replied. “Any last words?”

Kara looked at Akaba’s serious face as he posed theatrically over the ball of metal while it
charged up.

“I don’t regret the things I’ve done…” he said with a complete lack of feeling and talent. “But the violent murders I won’t get to commit!”
“…You gotta be shitting meeeeeeeee!” she screamed as they were both thrown in the air, over the beaten Nephalem fortifications.

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  1. I read this!

    But it doesn't mean I don't like reading it again! And Akaba is my favorite, indeed.

    Thank you! Great way to start the Monday!