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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Next Step

Great day yesterday! ...Except for the fact that my Chrome didn't let me use the Facebook chat, post or comment... But that problem's fixed ('cause I'm smart)! 

We've received 3 sketches, rapidly and professionally delivered, and we love them! I can't speak for Deea, but I must confess it's really hard choosing just one. I want them all! Especially since they are all very good and, even more so, visibly different, clearly ...unique! 

I've asked for a scene involving the two main characters, Maar and Kara, and that's what they delivered. It was a real pleasure observing how each artist imagined and captured the moment, and I've enjoyed their drawing styles greatly. Out of the three, though all annoyingly good, we both have a favorite, yet we will not hand over the teddy bear until Tuesday, as we are still waiting on two (also) very talented girls and their proposals. 

We will announce the winner then, but, as said, I hope this selection is not viewed as a competition; we assure you that we want to and we WILL work with all of these artists, on one project or another, if they won't (and I certainly hope they won't) hold anything against us. 

Also, if you haven't figured it out by now - the race for a beautiful book cover not obvious enough, we are very close to PUBLISHING. Yes, that's right! There are a few houses lined up and we are weighing the pros and cons, but can't decide anything yet. Not before I return home. But, by the end of September / beginning of October, we should make our great announcement! 

So stick with us! It's been a great and exciting journey, and it's not over yet. There have been bumps, ups and downs, but I for one have grown stronger and wiser because of it. As I quoted to a unusually panicked and pessimistic Deea yesterday, "endings are supposed to be happy; if it's not happy, it's not the end!"

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