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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A time to write

This may sound funny, but I'm very happy I wrote five more pages for Book 2: Hellbent tonight. It took me over an hour and it may seem petty, but you can rest assured it DOES take this long to write something decent and be satisfied with it. If you think creative writing is easy, you're wrong! There are times when I have to delete the phrase I just wrote five times and finally settle for the first version - really frustrating moments!

Still, if you think that's petty, THIS will really make you think I'm lame; there's no way to explain the joy an author feels when he sees his creation growing. Even if it is just five more A4's. Even if the total is 33 tortured pages, every bit builds my confidence in this second novel and, just like you would upgrade your computer, my perspective on the story just gets better and clearer. 

It's going to be dark, violent and morbidly funny! While Crux was more fantasy than horror, Hellbent will freak you out! To be honest, writing about a demon attempting to possess Drew in his sleep, even made me shiver and chilled my blood all the way through! So if I got your attention yet, don't forget to Like (if you haven't done it yet) my Facebook page and Share it with your friends. You will love Hellbent with Crux as its prequel already in your virtual or actual library!

Thanks a lot, guys! Have a great weekend!

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