Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I don't like Mondays

...And that's why, when I'm home, I usually start my week Tuesday. Because, as it's once again revealed to me, this day SUCKS. 

It started in the morning, when I jumped out of bed because of the noise; my brilliant bosun thought it would be wise to start chipping the rust off right outside my cabin. NOT a pleasant way to wake up, especially after only 4 hours of restless sleep. I couldn't return to my dreams (yes, plural, because lately I get about 3 or 4) so I decided to at least repair the spelling mistakes on the Webs.com site, but surprise! Again, I couldn't log in. So, in my morning dizziness, I realized that there wasn't really a point to that: we have the texts and one of the stories, so I should just wait for Deea to wave around her magic wand and conjure the professional website I kept mentioning.

About 1 hour later, like telepathy had something to do with it, she gave me the news: she would meet a friend who's a web designer and talk things out. "Great!" I said. Finally some progress. Only to learn in the afternoon that this whole process costs around 200 Euros, funds that I have but can't transfer to her. And to top it all up, it seems Deea has to teach some crazy class the coming weekend. On her birthday. Hurray for the f-ed up logic by which the Universe functions!

My e-mail inbox was mostly empty, except for a couple of ads and a notification message. Still no replies there and still no word from all the people I tried to contact via Facebook. I can't help but feel a little disappointed here... It works for me; I focused my feelings into an article (give it a read if you can decipher Romanian) worthy to be a newspaper editorial, though I'd have rather received some good news for a change, instead of becoming painfully aware of how dual people can be.

So here's today's update: there's no update to follow. Webs.com can kiss my tail, the new website is a possibility but not a certainty (so yeah, no real change there), Crux is still not fully corrected and Deea's taking a break, trying to find a new source of income, and neither of us received any messages that would make us bounce with joy. 

I have no idea what to do except wait for the law of compensation to take effect. The thing that I do know, the thing that's clearer and deeply implanted in my brain, is that I will not give up. It's Tuesday already so that's already an improvement. I guess I'll figure out what to do next in the morning...

I only ask of you to stick around. I know things got a little dull in the past few days but I will see this book published, even if I have to carry this whole project there by myself. Or die trying. In either case, you get to read about exciting stuff. 

Later, guys!

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