Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Your Colleagues!

Was just minding my own business, pyroblasting some Kobolds in Arathi, when I find this mine. I go in and walk past a heap of those rat-people corpses, and I stumble upon a Tauren. Since he pretty much cleaned up the place, I let him continue his boring deadly routine and run ahead to see if there are any monsters left to incinerate. There were none that would have helped with my quest, but just one big RARE Kobold. So I quickly whip up a spell and murder the unsuspecting rodent in 5 seconds. A smile creeps on my face when I pick up the loot: a pretty decent green leather vest, with just the right stats for my Horde colleague. And but a moment passes before I receive this:

The night after, my veteran guild mate, Kaylight, was asking for some information on how to fish some volatile fire. Yes, in W.o.W. you can sometimes fish anything but the actual fishes. Even fire. Seeing how he kept failing, Sylio was trying to help, linking some information from I (Katon) wasn't.


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