Friday, July 29, 2011

It is... ALIVE!

MTV is dead. Let's face it - all those so-called reality shows and the tons of bullshit of the '00s brought with them, buried this once awesome icon six feet under. Many would say that there is no music to promote nowadays, that there are no artists worth promoting, that displaying, for the public, music made on computers just doesn't fit on Music Television, and all the surviving singers and bands are pulled magnetically towards VHF. I say "untrue!". There are hundreds of bands out there, young, striving and very talented, that surprise me quite often with their incredible sound, yet the MTV brand refuses to promote them for... marketing reasons? Sure, there's MTV2 and prolly other channels that still broadcast good quality music... Or so I think. And you know why I don't know it for sure? ...Because as a fan of the '90s MTV, everything else is fucking LAME!

Yet there is still hope; Although I haven't done any research for this little jewel of quasi-journalism, I do hope that the new Beavis & Butt-Head series is going to be broadcast on MTV. And I will speak as such, knowing that this little cartoon show, which I adored as a teenager, can actually bring MTV back in the spotlight of music lovers. I am talking about that group of people that have been, and still are, disgusted with the program MTV chose, promoting nothing but thug rappers, castrated pop singers and DJs. The latter being of absolutely no musical value, in this cat's opinion. I do believe MTV can get us back with B&B, and can be resurrected as the Beacon of Cool that it once was.

As for Mike Judge's decision to return to where it all began, I can only applaud and thank him on behalf of people who understood that Beavis & Butt-Head is not just a silly cartoon. The show was, and still looks to be, very smart; the humor is excellent, the characters as predictable as ever. For once, that is an excellent thing, as real fans like myself love the mayhem and stupidity and lack of general personal care of those two metalheads. Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't anyone? They don't just reflect the stereotype of the ignorant, destructive and commonly moronic headbanger. I agree there may be such individuals in the U.S., in large numbers, I'm sure, but come speak to any of the people, above 22, who have attended the Metallica and AC/DC concerts in Bucharest. You will find that, not only we perceive reality in a complex way, we enjoy real music (and some pride ourselves in our love for symphony), but the only things connecting us to B&B is our love for rock music and our, dare I say, sophisticated humor. 

I'm sure Romanians, and most non-Americans, will welcome the show's return. Again, bravo! Finally we can relate again to MTV. And thus, we will bring our shovels and brushes, to uncover the relics of a giant. I probably won't be home when the show will air, but I am still delighted that I will be able to watch Mike Judge's genius back in action. Oh, happy day!

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