Monday, July 4, 2011

I Just Have To!

Greetings! Here's my new corner of the internet! ...So far I think I managed to acquire a whole set of such wonderful locations where my sanity can safely slip away, but I finally realized that it's not the real deal unless it's in English. Quite true, folks, I sold out! Yes, I want my rantings public and yes, I love the publicity, and so absolutely YES, I would very much like to make money off this and not have to sail for a living. So support a good cause and read my stuff! It's good! ...Or at least awesome.

I will not forward an elaborate explanation as to why and how and when I decided to move. Don't ask. I will not tell. And no, this does not count as a real post. It's more of a greeting... Or a warning for stupid people to buzz off. Wait - did they implement that censorship? Can I say "fuck"? ...Stellar! FUCK OFF, MORONS! ...With that said, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my wonderful new blog!

What's it about? ...Hmmm. Well, I dare say it's about geek stuff. Not to be confused with nerd stuff, which is boring and... uh! BORING. Yes, there are two types of boring, let's move on. The word is dragging me already into numbness. So yeah! It's about literature, personal thoughts, computer games or... games in general, comics, music, movies and disgustingly perverted deviant sexual fantasies that may or may not involve a cat dressed in a pink tutu. Not kidding! It might! But more importantly, it'll be about my book. No, not that one! I dumped it 'cause no sane Romanian would buy that. Even if the sane ones would be interested in reading.

So! ...Grab your cat and start petting. I assure you that it's a wonderful activity to perform while browsing my mad writings.

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